E-mail pollutes society


Per: Carlota Espinach, Gisela Marí, Melinda Arancibia i Ariadna Pineda

The importance of deleting emails from the inbox

When people talk us about carbon dioxide, we think about cars, factories, plastic or motorcycles. But we rarely think about the energy that we send and give through e-mails. To give you an idea: if each year we send twenty emails, we would produce the same amount of pollution as a car that has travelled 1,000 km.

How does e-mail pollute? This is a question that most people have asked themselves when they hear that email pollutes. When we send an email we use the internet. The internet is a physical infrastructure where thousands of cables, data centers and servers are connected to each other.

All the information reaches a data center, and this has to be connected 24 hours a day and this uses a lot of energy.

The French Environment Agency said that just 1 email with 1MB emits 19 grams of CO2, and if we count all the emails that are sent daily around the world it would be 293 thousand. impressive, isn’t it?

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