The seed of revolution


Per: Clara Fernández Ros, Sílvia Juvé Horno, Ariadna Parise Herranz, Marc Ruiz Rodríguez i Abril Sistac Serrats

It is important for our planet to look for alternatives to plastic

The world currently uses approximately 61,8 million tons of plastic and this is one of the highest sources of pollution. Biofase is an initiative to stop using plastic and to instead use sustainable and biodegradable products.

The company Biofase has invented a unique technology to make biodegradable products made with the seed of the lawyer. 

Biofase creates disposable biodegradable products. Its products have a minimal carbon footprint, which benefits the planet and helps reduce global warming

Biofase products have the best quality, so that their use is practical and comfortable. It is the only company producing biopolymers in Mexico, extending the scope of its biodegradable products to more than 25 countries.

They have created different containers for these biodegradable products to be incorporated into our daily routine. The most used are: biodegradable straws, biodegradable cutlery, biodegradable containers and biodegradable or bio-based dishes.

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