Which countries pollute the most in the world


Per: Sergi Nebleza Gironella, Jana Bartolomé Pérez i Bruno Avigo Puigvert

China, with 10 million tons, is the country that most pollute in the world

All countries in the world make 35 million tons ex a bestiality to make all this disappear would have to be done very much like everyone else who throws almost nothing. And ranking:

  1. China – 10 million tons. Pollution has risen sharply in recent years.
  2. United States – 5 million tons.
  3. India – 2 million tonnes.
  4. Russia – 1.7 million tons.
  5. Japan – 1.2 million tons. 

If you have noticed, all those in the ranking are very high population. The European Union is 3 million tons of waste. The European Union has less millions of tons of waste than China and the United States

Humans pollute by throwing waste on the ground, sea… They are not convenient or they’re not interested in it. They do not want to contribute, they think that if it is no longer useful, it cannot be reused. And this is a huge problem for all of us.

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