Should people with no training be allowed on a space trip?

Clàudia Mendelsohn de La Miranda Report

Nowadays, millionaire people such as Yusaku Maezawa pay a fortune to go to space without training. Specialised astronauts prepared to go to space, do a specific training that takes years but, since rich people pay a fortune to go to space, they need other people to help them, putting more that one life at risk. We think that even though people pay a big amount of money to go to space, people shouldn’t be allowed because of the danger.

So many rich people started wanting to go to the Everest, but as they didn’t know, they started contacting people that knew about Mount Everest. Instead of being one person there were 4 people helping one person without any experience, that meant that those people were risking their lives taking care of that rich person.. Nowadays there are many people that are queuing to get to the top standing there as if it was a supermarket. In one day 11 people died frozen because they were standing in that line. If not trained people start going to space without training, it will end as the Everest full of rubbish and it will be full of inexperienced people that will eventually die.

People with no training should not be allowed to go on a space trip because a long-term exposure to space could cause multiple health problems, one of the most important is the loss of bone and muscle mass. Also, they have to do a special training that prepares in two ways. Astronauts make lots of flights in a training plane named the “vomit comet.” This plane follows a flight path known as a parabolic loop*. As they fly on the downward part of the path, everyone inside feels weightless, this prepares them for space’s lack of gravity. 

A parabolic flight is usually made by an airplane specially modified  for following  the trajectory of a ‘parabola’ which is an arc that in the top part they 25 to 30 seconds of weightlessness is created which the scientists can use to perform their experiments.

All astronauts should pass a specific training for being able to support all the space pressure, and knowing how to survive if there is any informatics or space problems. Astronauts should know what to do in every moment, they should know what do they wanna get on the trip, what is their objective?

All astronauts make a specific training, one of their training is to practice underwater, they spend 7 hours under water. Because it has more or less a similar pressure that in space. Also, it’s not fair for other people that have spent 6 years of their lives studying and then someone without any training or idea of the space come and get the job, putting other person’s life’s in danger. Maybe it’s not necessary to spend lots on years, but a basic training of what is space, how to survive…

In space are lots of ways of dying. Astronauts need to do lots of practice so they can go to space and return alive. Since the moment you enter the spaceship you put your life in danger problems can come always. The most known and scariest thing is the thing of don’t having oxygen and an atmosphere to protect us from sunlight in the good way and in the bad.

In the good way we refer that the atmosphere keeps heat, oxygen and more things we need to survive. And the bad way is that sunlight can burn us, and all the bad molecules (such as carbon dioxide…). Another scary thing is that out in the space the temperature is super low and can kill you. In space there is no gravity and you need to train because if not, your body can have problems.

In conclusion, it’s very dangerous that it’s so easy for people to go to space without previous training because lots of people will die and the space will be full of garbage.