The step from primary to secondary

Is the leap from 6th grade to 1st of ESO a difficult transition? How does it affect the students? Is it too much of a change?

By La Miranda Report

It is possible that you don’t remember when you did the transition from primary to secondary. If you do, you probably only remember the bad things, which is what the human brain tends to do. It’s normal that the only thing you can recall from that age is the increase of homework and the new hard exams. However, there are always good things when you make the change. For example, one can make new friends, discover hobbies you didn’t know you had and much more.

In our opinion, this step isn’t such a big change in your life. It’s true that everything becomes more stressing, but it’s nothing one can’t handle. “Of course, it depends on the teachers, on their specific personalities, but if you are responsible and know how manage to your time, you are able to do everything and still have some leisure time!” said Maria, a student in 1st of ESO B. Junran, also from 1st of ESO B, said: “there is not as much homework as I thought there would be, the level in general is easy for me and the teachers are really kind, so, in my opinion, 1st of ESO is a really good year”.

One of the reasons that we don’t have as much time as in primary, even though in six grade they prepare us for this change, is that we have to move around the school classrooms, yet, with the COVID-19 we mostly have to stay put in the same class. Another difference are the lockers, because you have to learn how to open them due to us having many more books and material; it is also a place to leave things so you don’t lose them.

On the other hand, there are many positive aspects; for instance, new students always come, so, more opportunities to make friends. You also have to become more independent, something good in the long run.

In conclusion, the change hasn’t been so difficult (at least for us) considering the amount of exams and homework, which cause us to be stressed. We have noticed that we don’t have as much time like in primary, yet, if we are responsible we can still have free time to play and have fun. It is also a positive aspect because you learn lots of new things and you have an extended learning program, so you have more chances to learn new and interesting things. You may even discover what you want to dedicate your life to!